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FERPA for Parents

Access to Student Records
At the post-secondary level, parents have no inherent rights to access or inspect their son or daughter's education records. This right is limited solely to the student. At UC Santa Barbara, records may be released to parents only if:
•    The information requested is directory information and there is no request for non-disclosure on the record,
•    The information is released in response to a lawful subpoena or court order, or
•    They have a signed letter from the student permitting the university to release information.

Grades, Progress Reports, Exams
Information such as progress in a course, deficiencies in a subject area, scores, and grades on papers, exams, etc. are all examples of personally identifiable information that make up part of the student's education record. This information is protected under FERPA and parents/guardians may not have access unless the student has provided written authorization that specifically identifies what information may be released to the parent(s). If parents/guardians need grade information they should ask the student to print an unofficial transcript. Unofficial transcripts are accessible to all students unless the student has a block on their account.

Minor Son or Daughter
As long as the underage student is enrolled at the University, parents have no right to access their son or daughter's academic record unless the student provides a signed letter requesting the University to release information.

Crisis situations/Emergencies

If non-directory information is needed to resolve a crisis or emergency situation, the University may release that information if it is determined that the information is "necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals." Factors considered in making this assessment are: the severity of the threat to the health or safety of those involved; the need for the information; the time required to deal with the emergency; and the ability of the parties to whom the information is to be given to deal with the emergency.

Who to contact with questions/concerns
Questions or comments may be directed to the Office of the Registrar, 1101 SAASB, Registration@sa.ucsb.edu.

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Please note: These pages have been developed by the Office of the Registrar to provide general information about the law and procedures related to accessing confidential student information and to provide guidance on commonly asked questions or situations faced by faculty, staff, students and parents. These pages are for information purposes only; this information is not university policy nor is it intended as legal advice.

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