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FERPA Training

FERPA Training Resources

FERPA Quiz for UCSB Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees
FERPA Quiz for Students and Parents

Additional FERPA resources for training purposes:
•  UCSB's Student Education Records – Disclosure of Information Policy
•  UCSB's Student Educational Records - FAQ
•  UCSB's Disclosure of Information from Student Records - Quick Reference
•  University of California FERPA Policy
•  U.S. Department of Education - FERPA

Who to contact with questions/concerns
Questions or comments may be directed to the Office of the Registrar, 1101 SAASB, RegVIP@sa.ucsb.edu.

Please note: These pages have been developed by the Office of the Registrar to provide general information about the law and procedures related to accessing confidential student information and to provide guidance on commonly asked questions or situations faced by faculty, staff, students and parents. These pages are for information purposes only; this information is not University policy nor is it intended as legal advice.

Additional Information
FERPA for Students
FERPA for Parents
FERPA for Faculty
FERPA for Staff