UCSB Building Location Code Translations

Codes: Locations:
387 Modular Classrooms
434 Former Women’s Center (near Old Gym)
479 Old Gym
615 Materials Research Laboratory (MRL)
932 Trailer 932 (behind Davidson Library)
936 Physics Trailer 3
937 Physics Trailer 2
939 Physics Trailer 1
940 Trailer 940 (behind Davidson Library)
AHC UCSB Center at Santa Maria
ANCAP HALL Anacapa Residence Hall
ARCH RANGE Archery Range
ARTS Arts Building
BSBL FIELD Baseball Field
BIOL2 Biological Sciences II
BRDA Broida Hall (Physics)
BREN Bren Hall
BSIF Biological Sciences Instructional Facility
BUCHN Buchanan Hall
CAMPB HALL Campbell Hall
CHEM Chemistry Building
ELLSN Ellison Hall
EMBAR HALL Embarcadero Hall
ENGR1 See Harold Frank Hall (HFH)
ENGR2 Engineering Building II
ENGR3 Engineering Building III
ESB Engineering Sciences Building
EVENT CENTR Event Center
GIRV Girvetz Hall
GOLF CRSE Golf Course
HFH Harold Frank Hall (previously Engineering I)
HSSB Humanities and Social Sciences Building
IV CENTR IV/UCSB Community Services Center
IV THEA Isla Vista Theatres
KERR Kerr Hall
KOHN Kohn Hall
LIB Library
LSB Life Science Building
MANZ Manzanita Village De Anza Center
MLAB Marine Biology Laboratory
MUSIC Music Building
MUSIC LLCH Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall
NOBLE Noble Hall
NH North Hall
OFF CAMP Off Campus
PHELP Phelps Hall
PSB-N Physical Sciences Building North
PSB-S Physical Sciences Building South
PT MUGU Point Mugu Naval Air Station
PSYCH Psychology Building
RECEN Recreation Center
RECEN CTS Recreation Center Tennis Courts
RECEN MAIN Recreation Center Main Gym
RECEN PAVLN Recreation Center Pavilion
RECEN WT RM Recreation Center Weight Room
RGYM Robertson Gym
RGYM CTS Robertson Gym Tennis Courts
RGYM FIELD Robertson Gym Field
RQET CTS Recreation Center Racquet Courts
SAASB Student Affairs and Administrative Services Building
SAND CTS Sand Volleyball Courts
SAN MIGEL San Miguel Residence Hall
SAN NIC San Nicholas Residence Hall
SAN RAFEL San Rafael Residence Hall
SANTA CRUZ Santa Cruz Residence Hall
SANTA ROSA Santa Rosa Residence Hall
SB HARBR Santa Barbara Harbor
SFTBL FIELD Softball Field
SH South Hall
STADM CTS Stadium Tennis Courts
STADM FIELD Stadium Field
STORK FIELD Storke Field
STU HLTH Student Health Center
SRB Student Resources Building
SWIM POOL Swimming Pool
TD-E Theater/Dance East
TD-W Theater/Dance West
UCCS UC Sacramento Center
VNTRA CENTR UCSB Center at Ventura
WEBB Webb Hall (Geological Sciences)
WMNS CENTR Women’s Center
Teacher Education Program Locations
Codes: Locations:
ALISO Aliso School
BRAND Brandon School
ELCAM El Camino School
FRANK Franklin School
HOLLI Hollister School
IVIST Isla Vista School
LAPAT La Patera School
MAIN Main School
OPENA Open Alternative School
PEABO Peabody School
ROOSE Roosevelt School