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Master Course Approval (Course Request) deadlines

Following are the Master Course Approval (Course Request) deadlines. This is the last date to turn in a Course Request to the Office of the Registrar for both new and updated courses. Requests submitted after these deadline dates may not be processed in time for courses to be listed in the current Schedule of Classes or the General Catalog.

Deadlines for inclusion in the Schedule of Classes (all deadlines are for the month specified below prior to the scheduling cycle for that quarter):

Quarter Deadline
Fall Early November (of previous year)
Winter Early April (of previous year)
Spring Early September (of previous year)
Summer Early November (of previous year)

Deadlines for the General Catalog:

  • Deadline for inclusion in the General Catalog:
    First Friday in February

  • Hibernation Deadline for General Catalog:
    First Friday in February