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Students who wish to register at UCSB after having been absent for at least one quarter, after having been lapsed, or after complete withdrawal must file an application for readmission with the Office of the Registrar. The non-refundable application fee for readmission is $70.00.

A PDF version of UCSB's Readmission and Reinstatement form is available to download.

NOTE: Students in the College of Letters and Science seeking reinstatement must also download an Appeal for Reinstatement Questionnaire and submit with the readmission application.
Students seeking readmission to the College of Engineering must have the approval of the dean.

Applications must be submitted prior to the deadline for the quarter in which readmission is sought. Deadline dates will be enforced.

Application Filing Period  Opens Closes
 Fall  November 1 (of the preceding year)
 2nd Monday in August 
 Winter  July 1 (of the preceding year)
 2ndMonday in November
 Spring  October 1 (of the preceding year)
 2ndMonday in February

NOTE: The University reserves the right to close admissions prior to the published deadlines without notice.

  Other Important Information
  1. Readmission is generally approved for students who were in good academic standing when they left the university, provided space is available and all college-level work completed in the interim is satisfactory.
  2. Official transcripts from all institutions attended while absence from UCSB are required. If an application is submitted while attending another institution an official transcript must be submitted as soon grades are finalized. Failure to do so will block all future registration for readmitted students. Students seeking reinstatement may be subject to receipt of outstanding transcripts prior to college approval. Send official transcripts to: UCSB, Office of the Registrar, Santa Barbara, CA 93106.
  3. Students who are seeking readmission to the College of Letters and Science after having already completed 135 or more units will be required to submit a Proposed Schedule for Graduation before readmission will be considered. In general, readmission will be approved only for those students whose proposed schedule leads to graduation within 200 total units. As the proposal must be endorsed by the student’s major department (and minor department if a minor is planned), students should begin this process several months prior to their intended return.
  4. Students who were on reinstatement-probation, were subject to academic disqualification, or dismissed by dean’s action after the last quarter of enrollment will not be considered for readmission until reinstated by the student's college dean. The dean will establish the conditions of such reinstatement, if approved.
  5. Students in the College of Letters and Science seeking reinstatement must also submit an Appeal for Reinstatement Questionnaire with the readmission application.
  6. Newly admitted undergraduate students who withdrew from all registered classes prior to the 16th day of instruction of their first quarter at UCSB will not be eligible for readmission. Such students must reapply to the University through the regular undergraduate admission process adhering to Admissions processing deadlines. For further information contact the Office of Admissions.
  7. Students absent from UCSB for three or more quarters must complete the online Statement of Legal Residence after officially readmitted. Go to the online SLR at www.registrar.ucsb.edu/residenc.aspx. Failure to complete this process will block registration.
  8. Returning students should review the "Steps to Registration" for newly readmitted students.  Several of our registration processes have recently changed. This resource offers guidance through the registration process.
  9. Approval notification for readmission or reinstatement is dependent upon the academic status of the applicant and the date the application is received.  Students who submit their application prior to the deadline, are in good academic standing, and, if in the College of Letters and Science, have under 135 units should receive notification within approximately one week.  However, students who fall into one of the following categories - Subject to Disqualification, Probation, Academically Disqualified, have a Proposed Schedule for Graduation or a contract on file, or have over 135 units (Letters and Science only) - must first be reviewed and approved by their college. This process may take from 3-6 weeks depending on individual circumstances.  For further information regarding the status of a reinstatement application, students should contact their college directly.

Graduate students

Graduate students who wish to register after a break in enrollment must petition for reinstatement with the Graduate Division. Reinstatement is not automatic and requires the approval of the student's academic department; the student’s record will be evaluated in terms of academic performance and timely completion of the degree. Students who wish to reinstate and have exceeded the time limit for completion of the master's and/or doctoral degrees must also submit a plan and timetable for degree completion to their department and Graduate Division for review and approval.

For more information, contact the Program Coordinator by sending an email to