Major Progress Check

Download the PDF "How to read your UCSB Major Progress Check"

Undergraduate students:

A major progress check is an individualized report that lists how your completed courses and exams apply towards satisfaction of all University, College (including general education), and major requirements.  It lists all coursework you have taken at UCSB (including UC EAP) and any courses taken at other institutions for which you were awarded credit.  The requirements listed in your degree audit are based on your official declared major and catalog year.  For more information on catalog year, please visit the UCSB General Catalog.  

Major progress checks contain information on specific major requirements (including major GPA requirements and major academic residency requirements).  GE rogress checks include only University and College (including general education) requirements.  Neither check contain minor requirements; please consult with your minor department adviser if you wish to pursue a minor.

UC Santa Barbara makes every effort to ensure accuracy of all progress checks; however, the progress check is not considered your official UCSB record (log into GOLD to view your record under the ‘Transcripts and Verifications’ link under 'Grades' at the top).  All undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to consult with their College and major department advisers on a regular basis to evaluate their degree progress.  All UCSB students are responsible for meeting all graduation requirements as listed in the UCSB General Catalog.  

Major progress checks are available for a all undergraduate majors.  At this time, students who are pursuing multiple majors are not able to run major progress checks; however, you can still run a GE progress check in GOLD.  Students in available majors can run a major progress check at any time through GOLD, (click on the ‘Major and GE Progress Checks' under 'Progress' tab at the top; click on 'Degree Audit') using current, up-to-date information.  If you have any questions on anything in your major progress check, contact your College and/or major department adviser immediately

If you have an available major progress check in GOLD, the Office of the Registrar will use your major progress check as your official final degree evaluation when you become a degree candidate (see ‘Declaring Candidacy’ for more information).  Your degree analyst will evaluate your complete UCSB record and when the evaluation is complete, he or she will archive a copy of your major progress check in GOLD for you to view.  You will be notified by email to your U-Mail account when this is complete.  Please make sure to view your 'archived degree audit' promptly and read any associated notes that your degree analyst may have left for you.  Your 'archived degree audit' is available in GOLD under the ‘Major and GE Progress Checks' under 'Progress' tab at the top.  Click on the blue ‘Degree Audit’ tab and then the blue ‘View Archived Audit’ tab.  Click on the word ‘View’ to see your most recent archived degree audit. 

Additional Information:

  • New Student Profile is a summary of transferable credit earned prior to your first term at UC Santa Barbara.  Students can view their New Student Profile in GOLD under the "Progress" section. It is prepared by the Office of Admissions.  It shows how coursework applies to University and General Education requirements (but not major requirements) and reflects all of your transferable work from official transcripts received before the New Student Profile was prepared, including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams.  Official scores for exams such as the SAT, ACT, and Analytical Writing Placement Exam, will be included on the New Student Profile if available.  It is your responsibility to review your New Student Profile immediately and ensure that is complete and accurate. If your degree objective or College changes, your General Education (GE) requirements may be affected. 
  • Credit Memo is a summary of transferable credit earned from another institution any time after your first term at UC Santa Barbara (if any).  Students can view their Credit Memo in GOLD under the ‘Major and GE Progress Checks' under 'Progress' tab at the top
  • Progress Check is an evaluation of how completed courses and exams are applied toward University and college requirements. This does not include major requirements.  Students can view their Progress Check in GOLD under the ‘Major and GE Progress Checks' under 'Progress' tab at the top