Enrollment in an Academic Quarter

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Enrollment Procedure

To enroll for an academic quarter, students must accomplish the following by that quarter's deadlines:

  • Register for classes.
  • Pay the "now due" fees on the student's current BARC statement and all other outstanding financial obligations to UCSB.
  • Arrange for the release of blocks (if any) on registration.
  • New students must establish their UCSBNetID and Password in order to register for their first term.  Please go to  U-Mail Account Activation to complete this step.

The Registration Process

Students are encouraged to seek academic advice prior to registration. Refer to the Academic Department Directory.

Registration Pass Times
Students are assigned three pass times. (New and Returning students will only receive Passes 2 and 3). Each pass time allows students to make changes to their registration record.

During the first pass time students may enroll for no more than 13.5 units. Students may add additional units, up to the maximum allowed by their college, during the second pass time.  Students may continue to adjust their schedule during their third pass time.  Students are encouraged to register at the beginning of their designated pass times to take full advantage of allotted time for registration.

To find out your appointment times, use GOLD. You may only register during the pass times that are assigned to you. Continuing undergraduate students must register for at least one course in Pass Time 1 of registration to avoid a $50 late registration fee. Graduate student registration deadline is part way through Pass  Time 2. New and returning students must register for classes on or before the first day of instruction to avoid the $50 late registration fee.

A registration block may prevent you from pursuing any action. Failure to remove the block will result in a Lapse of Status and you will be dropped from all of your current classes. Please contact the university department that placed the block for considerationn of removal.

Time Conflicts
GOLD will highlight conflicts but will allow you to schedule a conflict. It is your responsibility to look for course changes and resolve any resultant time conflicts.

Instructors have final authority in determining enrollment for their courses. Verification of the student meeting the course prerequisites is made at the beginning of the quarter. Undergraduates can enroll in graduate courses only if they have an approved departmental petition on file in the Office of the Registrar prior to registration.

Additionally, prerequisites are checked during and after registration. These prerequisites can be found by selecting the course title in the Schedule of Classes or in GOLD in "course info" located next to the course title. If you do not meet the prerequisites, you may be dropped from the course by the department.

Adding After the 5th Day of Class
Instructor approval is required to add a class after the 5th day of instruction. If permission is granted, students will be given course approval codes which can be used to add the class until the published add deadline.

Approval Codes
Under some circumstances, departments or instructors may issue course approval codes to students to override various enrollment restrictions. Course approval codes may be used on GOLD until the published add deadline.

Writing Requirements
Information on writing requirements are provided by the Writing Department  and found in the UCSB General Catalog.

Repeating a Course
Information on repeating a course appear in the UCSB General Catalog. Students should consult with their department and/or college advisors before repeating a course. 
When registering for a course in GOLD that is repeatable for additional units, you will be asked to indicate whether you would like to take the course for:

1) a better grade, or

2) more units.

If you indicate that you would like to take the course to improve a grade and are not eligible based on the repeat policy, you will be dropped from the course.

 Special Enrollment Options

Enrollment in a 98/99 or 198/199/199AA-ZZ Independent Studies course
Information on Independent Study Course enrollment and policies can be in the UCSB General Catalog.   

Enrollment in a graduate course while you are an undergraduate

The student is required to obtain the approval signature from the course instructor, the chair of sponsoring department, and the dean of the college for students in Engineering and Creative Studies. Normally, this option is open only to seniors with exceptional qualifications and superior grade-point averages. To enroll in graduate coursework, undergraduates must have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 and have completed 12 units of upper-division coursework in the relevant major with a grade of B or better. Eligible undergraduates are confined to taking courses numbered 200-299 and only those 500-level courses described as Group Studies or Special Topics. Undergraduates are not permitted to enroll in any other 500-level courses.

Enrollment in a University Extension course

 Please contact UCSB Extension for information on this enrollment option.  
UCSB students who intend to enroll in UCSB Extension courses must cancel their registration. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at Registration@sa.ucsb.edu for assistance.

Enrollment Guidelines

Graduate Students
The normal courseload for graduate students is 12 units per quarter. Only registered students carrying a minimum load of 8 units are eligible to be appointed as graduate student researchers or as teaching assistants; to receive fellowships and most forms of financial aid; and to be eligible for campus and extramural benefits and services (University Housing, Student Health Service, etc.).

Graduate students should consult with departmental advisors about recommended course work and unit load prior to each quarter.

Generally speaking, there is no part-time status for graduate students at UCSB, nor are there reduced fees for a reduced courseload. Most lending agencies demand repayment of loans if a student is not registered or is carrying less than a normal courseload. The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement requires international students to be engaged in a full course of study while at UCSB.

College of Creative Studies
Students in the College of Creative Studies normally take four courses totaling at least 15 units each quarter and are not required to file petitions for excess programs.

College of Engineering
Students in the College of Engineering are subject to the following course enrollment limits:

  • 12 units–Minimum load for full-time standing.
  • 18 units–Normal maximum without petition; however, students may normally exceed 18 units with courses that exclusively use the P/NP grading option.

Undergraduate students in the College of Engineering must average at least 15 quarter units each quarter, a threshold that will be strictly monitored starting the 2008-09 academic year and one that will promote graduation in four years. At least three-fourths of the units passed must include courses prescribed for the major. Complete details of this requirement are contained in the UCSB General Catalog.

College of Letters and Science
Students in the College of Letters and Science are subject to the following course enrollment limits:

  • 12 units–Minimum load for full-time standing.
  • 17 units–Maximum without petition to the dean of the college for students on academic probation.
  • 21 units–Maximum without petition to the dean of the college for all other students.

The average course load for students in the College of Letters and Science is 15—17 units per quarter.


University E-mail

U-Mail (University e-mail) is used for student notification by course instructors and administrative departments including the Office of the Registrar. All UCSB students must obtain a U-Mail account and keep it active.

  1. If you have not already done so, activate your U-Mail account today.
  2. Forward your U-Mail to another e-mail service, if you prefer. Your U-Mail account must be active for this to work.
  3. Check your e-mail frequently to be sure that you do not miss any critical notices.
  4. Contact the U-Mail help desk at 893-5542 with any problems you are having activating your account.
  5. When communicating with university personnel, you should use your U-Mail account, rather than another, to authenticate your identity.