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Steps to Registration

The following "Steps to Registration" is a guide through the critical actions you must take to officially enroll at UCSB as well as an introduction to our terminology.
To enroll at UCSB, you must:

  • Register for classes,
  • Submit your Statement of Legal Residence (SLR),
  • Pay all fees and financial obligations, and,
  • Update your address information.

1. Registration on the Web - Gaucho Online Data - GOLD

  • Get access to GOLD.
    • GOLD is the web tool that you will use to search and register for classes, view your grades, read important messages from UCSB, order transcripts, etc.  To access GOLD, visit my.ucsb.edu and click on GOLD.
    • Access to GOLD requires the use of a UCSB NetID and Password. To obtain your UCSB NetID and Password, you will need to activate your U-Mail account. U-Mail is UCSB's official student email service to which university business correspondence is sent. To register for your UCSBnetID, and activate your U-Mail account, click here. Note: If you have been away from UCSB for more than 13 months, you will need to activate a new UCSB NetID and Password as well as a new U-Mail  account.
  • Check out the “Registration Info” page.
    • The “Registration Info” page in GOLD contains important dates and other registration information.  You should check here every quarter to find out your registration “pass times.”
    • Registration appointments are referred to as “passes” or “pass times.”  These are the times you will be able to register for classes on GOLD. As a returning student you may receive appointments for all three pass times, or possibly just Pass 2 and 3 depending on the date of your readmission.
  • Use the “Find Courses” page to search and register for courses.  This page features a link to a help video which will walk you through the registration process.  If you need additional help, please call the Registration Helpline at (805) 893-3592.
  • Prerequisites for all undergraduate courses will be enforced at registration.
    • For prerequisite purposes, GOLD recognizes courses completed at UCSB, and, if your New Student Profile has been completed, courses that appear in ASSIST. (Check the “Academic History” page in GOLD to find out if your New Student Profile has been completed.)
    • If you have completed equivalent transfer work at an institution that does not appear in ASSIST, you should contact the academic department offering the course in which you wish to enroll before you attempt to register. Be sure to bring records of transfer work with you when you come to campus, and have them handy throughout your career at UCSB.
  • The final deadline to register (with a $50 late registration fee) is the fifth day of classes.
  • After your initial registration, you may add a class, drop a class, or change your grading options using GOLD. All deadlines are listed on the “Registration Info” page.

2. Submit your Statement of Legal Residence (SLR)

  • If you have been absent from UCSB for more than 3 quarters, it is IMPERATIVE that you complete the online Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) prior to paying fees.
  • The information provided in the SLR is used by the Office of the Registrar to determine residence classification for fee purposes. Failure to submit your SLR will result in the assessment of out-of-state fees, and may prevent disbursement of financial aid.
  • Once your SLR is submitted, it may take several weeks to determine whether you satisfy University requirements for classification as a California resident. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by mail, and given specific instructions before a final determination is made.
  • You may check the progress of your residence determination on the “Registration Info” page in GOLD. The information displayed will indicate “Pending” while your SLR is under review, and will be updated once your residency has been verified.

3. Payment of Fees

  • Payment of all fees must be received by the Central Cashiers Office, 1212 SAASB, by the deadline for each term in order to retain your space in classes. If you are receiving financial aid through the UCSB Financial Aid Office, please read special instructions described in the Online Schedule of Classes.
  • Payment Plan applications are available from the BARC website, and must be received along with the first installment by the payment deadline. Payment plans that require staff assistance are available in the BARC Office. Failure to meet financial obligations will result in a $50 Late Payment Fee and/or a lapse in status.

4. Address Verification

  • Students are strongly encouraged to keep their address information current. Address changes can be updated through GOLD on the “Contact Information” page. A block may be placed against your future registration if you do not confirm your address at least annually.

We hope this overview is helpful to you. Please click here to find additional resources for new students. We look forward to your arrival at UC Santa Barbara and wish you great success.