Grading and eGrades Information

eGrades Overview

eGrades is a web application, utilized by Faculty and Staff members, that acts as the student grading platform for the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Grade Submission Deadlines

The eGrades grade submission deadline varies by quarter, and typically follows the below cyclical schedule:

Winter Deadline - Tuesday at 11:59pm following the last day of finals. This deadline occurs one day earlier than the standard Fall and Spring Wednesday deadlines due to the campus administrative holiday that falls on Friday of the same week.
Spring Deadline - Wednesday at 11:59pm following the last day of finals.
Summer Deadline - Thursday at 11:59pm following the last day of finals for each individual session.
Fall Deadline - Wednesday at 11:59pm following the last day of finals.

Logging into eGrades

1) Log into eGradesThe initial login screen will require the user to enter their UCSB NetID and password. 

  • Forgot password? If the password is forgotten, the user can click on the link within the eGrades login page that reads 'Forgot your password?'. This link will direct the user to the Campus Identity Manger's website, where they can click on the option that best matches their current affiliation with the University. From there, they can verify/reset their password.
  • Still can't log in? If the user is still experiencing issues after following the above instructions, they can send an email to SSOHelp ( and include their UCSB NetID and the application that they are trying to access. Please note that users should never include passwords via email.

2) Multifactor Authentication (DUO). Upon successful verification of the user's UCSB NetID and password, they will be directed to a screen that requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This protocol requires that the user installs and utilizes the 'DUO' application on their mobile device (smartphone/tablet etc.) to verify their identity when logging in. The campus IT group manages the DUO system. Here is a link to their website with instructions on how to enroll via push notification: To report an issue or to receive assistance getting set up, please call (805) 893-5000 or visit the following website: Their hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Obtaining eGrades Access

Prior to being assigned access to eGrades, all users must complete the required FERPA Training.

Instructors: access is assigned by the department advisor.
Teaching Assistants: access can either be assigned through STAR by the department advisor or through eGrades by the department advisor or the instructor in-charge of the course.
Staff Members: access can be requested by the department Business Officer, Chair, or Director who will place the request through the Office of the Registrar's online RegAccess Request Form. For added security, the requester must be someone other than the user who needs access.
Students do not typically have access to eGrades unless they are also simultaneously an Instructor/TA. Any student who inquires about checking their grades should be directed to log into their GOLD account.

eGrades Technical Support

For technical assistance with the eGrades grading platform, please email

Grading and eGrades System Resources

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