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  • 1. What resources are available to LGBTQ students?/What is the RCSGD?

     LGBTQ resources
    UC Santa Barbara offers a variety of resources for LGBTQ students! There are inclusive housing options with the Rainbow House and Gender Inclusive Housing. UCSB offers a minor in LGBTQ Studies and hosts over 10 LGBTQ student organizations. The campus has All Gender Restrooms to provide accessible and safe options for all students.
    Additionally, the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity provides resources for LGBTQ students at UC Santa Barbara. The center aims to create a vibrant and engaging environment through social and educational programming, volunteer and leadership opportunities, a comfortable and welcoming social and study space, and professional and student staff members for support and advocacy. 
    The Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity plans weekly events during the academic year, which include nationally known speakers, drag shows, and community building opportunities for students. Check out more about the RCSGD by visiting our website.

  • 2. How do I order my official transcript?

    Official Transcripts 

    Current Students, Previous Students, and Alumni can now access GOLD to order an Official Transcript. Please visit the Registrar website for instructions on How to Order a Transcript.

    For questions pertaining to transcripts, please email

  • 3. How do I get a copy of my unofficial transcript?

    Unofficial Transcript 

    Unofficial transcripts of a student's record are available free of charge to current and former students through GOLD.  Once logged in, click on the Transcripts/Verifications tab, then click on Unofficial Transcripts tab.  Unofficial transcripts are available only in GOLD. 


    Please note - students who attended UCSB prior to 1987 may need to contact the Office of the Registrar before this option is available to them. Please send an email to for more information. 


  • 4. How do I submit my transcript(s)?

    In light of COVID-19, we understand that students and counselors may face challenges in submitting required documents by our deadlines. Every effort should be made to submit required documents by the deadline, and the preferred method to receive documents is electronically.

    July 1 - Official High School & College Transcripts Due

    • To verify the transcripts we require, please check your Applicant Portal transcript tab.
    • UCSB accepts official transcripts sent directly from your school by mail (to the address listed below) but we encourage them to be sent electronically through an approved vendor.
    • If your school or college is unable to submit transcripts using a third-party vendor, we will temporarily accept official transcripts via email. To be considered official, they must:
      1. Be emailed to with the subject line: TRANSCRIPTS
      2. Include your full name and UCSB perm number
      3. Come directly from your school offices (i.e. administrators, counselors, etc.) through a school domain email address
      4. Be submitted in the format of an encrypted PDF
    • For community college students, we will temporarily accept IGETC certifications via email from the community college IGETC counselor or advising counselor following the above steps outlined for transcripts. Transfer students who have not completed an IGETC (including those with partial IGETC certification), are required to send high school transcripts. We will also accept high school transcripts via email following the above steps outlined for transcripts.
    • For international students, if your international college or university cannot send an official transcript through an approved electronic vendor as mentioned above or by mail, we will temporarily accept an emailed copy of your results following the above steps outlined for transcripts. For college credit, an official transcript must be mailed (paper copy) directly from your international college or university. College credit will not be awarded for transcripts received via email.

    July 15 - Official Exam Scores (AP, IB, TOEFL, IELTS) Due

    • A list of requested exams can be found on your Applicant Portal in the test scores tab. Exam scores must be sent directly from the testing agency. Please allow 4-6 weeks for scores to be posted in your portal.
    • We are aware that AP exams are released on July 15, please request exams be sent as soon as they are available.
    • We are aware that IB results are released on July 6, please request exams be sent as soon as they are available.

    If you are unable to send your required documents by the stated deadline, please email and provide an explanation. For more information on upcoming deadlines, visit the Steps to Enrollment page.

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How to Order a Transcript - UCSB Office of the Registrar, a Transcript Official Transcripts ALL Students and Alumni must order transcripts by logging into GOLD. Select the Transcripts & Verification option under and the Grades tab, then select Official Transcript from the menu page. First time users will be prompted to provide contact/mailing, in. Product Price eTranscript $16.00 Mailed/Paper Transcript (FedEx options available for additional fees) $16.00 Paper Transcript for Pickup in the Office

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to Transcripts & Verifications Click the button for "Official Transcripts/Verifications"This will take you, Individual, or Third party" If you selected Paper Transcript or Replacement Diploma, enter the complete mailing address. For a Paper Transcript, enter full address – if address is provided from

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College's request.Once the quarter has closed UCSB will send an official transcript to the student's, with an official transcript.Once an application packet has been reviewed by the UCSB ICV Coordinator

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of your transcript to the instructor for initial approval, and obtain signatures as required. Your, APPROVALS REQUIRED: Instructor’s Approval: I have seen the student’s transcripts and verify

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an unofficial transcript to the instructor to support the completion of pre-requisite requirements, transcripts be sent to their home campus at the completion of grade processing. Transcripts, (transcripts or grade reports). ¥ Financial aid is available only through the participant’s home

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, Incomplete gradesRegRecords@sa.ucsb.eduUCSB Transcript & Verification orders, form, Lisa MorrillScheduler, Transcripts & Verifications, Notary(805

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standing, provided space is available. Official transcripts from all institutions attended while, completion as course evaluation takes several weeks to complete. Send official transcripts to: UCSB, reinstatement may be subject to receipt of outstanding transcripts prior to college approval. Send official transcripts to: UCSB, Office of Admissions, Santa Barbara, CA 93106. Students in the College

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purposes UCSB Transcript & Verification orders, Form completion *Petitions must be submitted via DocuSign or email submission Office

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is ready may order official transcripts or verifications via GOLD. Students with a "Scheduled" Degree Status in GOLD will need to select "Hold for Degree" when ordering transcripts or verifications


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for Registration BlocksOrder Transcripts and VerificationsView all Quarter DeadlinesReceive important messages

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will appear on the UCSB transcript and be factored into the UCSB GPA.GE/Major Credit: In order to obtain

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by law or for reporting purposes (e.g., official transcripts and verifications, diplomas, financial aid