Major and Minor Sheets 2008-2009

Major and minor sheets listed below are for a particular academic year. Students who have declared their major in previous years and those who have not yet declared a major will be governed by the catalog year of declaration.

Major Sheets
Minor Sheets

Major Sheets (for 2008-2009):

Anthropology B.A.

History B.A.

Aquatic Biology B.S.

History of Public Policy B.A.

Art B.A.

Hydrologic Sciences and Policy B.S.

Art History B.A.

Interdisciplinary Studies B.A.

Asian American Studies B.A.

Italian Studies B.A.

Asian Studies B.A.

Japanese B.A.

Biochemistry B.S.

Latin American & Iberian Studies B.A.

Biochemistry-Molecular Biology B.S.

Law & Society
Note: Admission to this major is suspended until further notice.

Biological Sciences B.A.

Linguistics B.A.

Biological Sciences B.S.

Mathematical Sciences B.S.

Biopsychology B.S.

Mathematics B.A.

Black Studies B.A.

Mathematics B.S.

Business Economics B.A.


Medieval Studies B.A.

Cell and Developmental Biology B.S.

Microbiology B.S.

Chemistry B.A.

Middle East Studies B.A.

Chemistry B.S.

Music B.A.

Chicana and Chicano Studies B.A.

Music B.M.

Chinese B.A.

Pharmacology B.S.

Classics B.A.


Philosophy B.A.

Communication B.A.

Physical Geography B.S.

Comparative Literature B.A.

Physics B.A.

Computer Science B.A.

Physics B.S.

Dance B.A.

Physiology B.S.

Dance B.F.A.

Political Science B.A.

Ecology & Evolution B.S.

Portuguese B.A.

Economics B.A.

Psychology B.A.

Economics-Mathematics B.A.

Religious Studies B.A.

English B.A.

Renaissance Studies

Environmental Studies B.A.

Slavic Languages and Literatures B.A.

Environmental Studies B.S.

Sociology B.A.

Film and Media Studies B.A.

Spanish B.A.

Financial Mathematics and Statistics

Speech & Hearing Sciences (closed to new admissions)

French B.A.

Statistical Science B.A.

Geography B.A.

Statistical Science B.S.

Geological Sciences B.A.

Theater B.F.A.

Geological Sciences B.S.

Theater B.A.

Geophysics B.S.

Women's Studies B.A.

German B.A.

Zoology B.S.

Global Studies B.A.


Minor Sheets (for 2008-2009):

American Indian and Indigenous Studies



Jewish Studies

Art History

Labor Studies

Asian American Studies

Latin American & Iberian Studies

Astronomy and Planetary Science

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies

Black Studies



Mathematics for High School Teaching





Comparative Literature




Exercise & Sport Studies - Athletic Coaching


Exercise & Sport Studies - Exercise and Health Science

Professional Writing

Exercise & Sport Studies - Fitness Instruction


Exercise & Sport Studies - Sport Management

Socio-Cultural Linguistics



Geological Sciences

Speech & Hearing Sciences

German Studies/

Statistical Science

Global Peace & Security

Women, Culture & Development


Women's Studies

Italian Studies