How to Order a Transcript

Official Transcripts

ALL Students and Alumni must order transcripts by logging into GOLD. Select the Transcripts & Verification option under and the Grades tab, then select Official Transcript from the menu page. 

  • First time users will be prompted to provide contact/mailing information. This information will be saved after the initial prompt.
  • Services and cost offered are as follow. A full list of products, descriptions and pricing is available once logged in.





Mailed/Paper Transcript (FedEx options available for additional fees)


Paper Transcript for Pickup in the Office of the Registrar


Paper Transcript with Notarization

$41.00 (Effective Feb. 1)

All transcript orders must be placed online by logging into GOLD.  Transcript orders cannot be completed in office or taken over the phone.

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial Transcripts of a student's record are available free of charge to all students and alumni through GOLD.

Please note - students who attended UCSB prior to 1987 may need to contact the Office of the Registrar before this option is available to them. Please send an email to Transcripts for more information. 

Sending transcripts from another school to ucsb

  • Newly admitted, current, and returning undergraduate students should mail transcripts to:

UCSB Office of Admissions
1210 Cheadle Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2014

Please note, transcripts sent to any UCSB office in error cannot be released under FERPA and must be ordered again.

  • Current graduate students should mail transcripts to:

UCSB Graduate Division
3117 Cheadle Hall
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2070

Newly admitted and returning graduate students are to upload transcripts during the application process.

    How to Order a Transcript

    How to place an order:

    Start by logging into GOLD as a Current or Former Student. 
    • Current Students – If you need assistance with your UCSB Net ID or Password click UCSB Identity Services.
    • Former Students - If you forgot your Permanent UCSB Student ID# (Perm number) click Perm Lookup and if you forgot your Pin# click PIN Reset.

    gold log in

    After you log in, use the Grades drop-down to Transcripts & Verifications
    grades tab


    Click the button for "Official Transcripts/Verifications"
    official t and v-gold

    This will take you to the Parchment ordering site. If you have not already registered with Parchment, please fill in your contact information, then click "Submit." 
    parchment landing



    Select the type of document you would like to order.



    Where do you want to send your document?
    • A college or agency such as LSAC or MCAS (use SEARCH box)
    • An email OR a mailing address (select Send to Yourself, Another Individual, or Third party) 
    • If you are applying with the Common Application Form email including your Permanent Student ID# prior to placing an order.

    parchment landing site-student

    Some schools have more than one Official Transcript recipient – Select the correct office to send your transcript to for processing. Do not use this delivery option if you would like to pick-up your transcripts. You may also Enter Your Own mailing address at the bottom of this page. 
    searching for recipient-parchment

    If not found you may Enter Your Own mailing address at the bottom of this page.
    destination not found-parchment

    If you selected Paper Transcript or Replacement Diploma, enter the complete mailing address.
    For a Paper Transcript, enter full address – if address is provided from your institution enter it exactly as listed.

    enter mailing address-parchment

    Do you need to add a form (attachment) to your order? Upload while placing your order (transcripts, non-notary only).
    Now review and confirm your order.
    Once you confirm no changes or additions can be made. 
    • If you allow the system to idle it may result in a temporary pre-charge that will show on your financial account 5-10 days. This is not an order payment if your order wasn’t completed – a new order and payment will be needed. 
    • If your degree has been posted to your record and you hold for degree expect processing delays. 
    • Do not HOLD for grades after the last day of instruction – wait for your grades to be in before ordering. 
    • Grades shown on GOLD are not necessarily on your permanent record yet.