2022-2023 Registration Calendar

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First day to declare candidacy02/15/2209/05/2201/26/2302/14/23
Pass Times Available on GOLD04/25/2210/24/2201/30/23

Continuing Undergraduate Students' Early Registration Deadline (Non-CCS students)

Continuing Graduate Students' Early Registration Deadline

Undergraduate Students' Fee Payment Deadline
$50 late payment fee after this date*


First Day of the Quarter09/18/2201/09/2304/03/23
Pre-Instructional Activities09/19 - 09/21/2201/09/2304/03/23
First Day of Instruction09/22/2201/09/2304/03/23

Graduate Students' Fee Payment Deadline




Residency Reclassification Deadline09/15/22

Commencement Reservations Open (Non-CCS students)TBDTBDTBDTBD
Deadline to drop courses for free
$3 schedule adjustment fee for any drop transactions after this date*


Deadline to add courses without an approval code09/28/2201/13/2304/07/23
Deadline to Declare Candidacy to Graduate10/10/2201/23/2304/17/2307/10/23
Deadline to add courses or change grading options for free
$3 schedule adjustment fee for all transactions after this date*


Deadline to add courses.
Students not registered and paid 10/12/22 for F22 will be subject to lapse in status and dropped from the University
Deadline for undergraduates in L&S and ENGR to drop courses without a W grade.10/20/22*02/06/2304/28/23
Deadline for undergraduates in L&S and ENGR to change grading option 12/02/22*03/03/2305/19/23
Dead week11/28/22-12/02/2203/13/23-03/17/236/05/23-06/09/23
Last day of Instruction12/02/2203/17/2306/09/23
Deadline for CCS and grad students to drop courses12/02/2203/17/2306/09/23
Deadline for CCS and grad students to change grading option12/02/2203/17/2306/09/23
Withdrawal petition deadline for undergrads in L&S and ENGR12/02/2203/17/2306/09/23
Final Exams12/03 - 12/09/2203/18/23-03/24/2306/10/23-06/16/23
End of the quarter12/09/2203/24/2306/16/23
Incomplete grade petition deadline12/09/2203/24/2306/16/23
Grade Submission deadline12/19/22*03/28/2306/21/23
Grades available on GOLD12/21/22*04/02/2306/25/23

* Date was changed after the schedule was initially published.