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Registration, GOLD, Refunds, Withdrawals/Cancellations, UCSB forms and petitions, Name/Data changes        

Graduation Matters, Major Progress Checks, Diplomas, Degree candidacy, Change of major

Special Enrollment Programs: ICV, ICE, CCES, and SE

Readmission (returning to UCSB after an absence)

Residency for tuition purposes

Student Academic Record Information, Incomplete grades

UCSB Transcript & Verification orders, form completion

Staff Directory


Anthony Schmid

University Registrar

Academic Record Services

Sara Cook

Associate Registrar

  • Manages Student Services, Residency, and Academic Records
  • Student Data and Systems Request
Emily Linthicum

Emily Linthicum

Assistant Registrar

  • Manages Academic Services unit
  • Academic Policy

Brian Harwell

Athletic Certification Officer


Georgina May

Degree Analyst

  • Undergraduate Degree Evaluation

Raquel Mostue

Degree Analyst

  • Undergraduate Degree Evaluation

Kevin Scott

Degree Analyst


  • Undergraduate Degree Evaluation
  • Academic records


Degree Analyst

Student Services


Assistant Registrar

  • Supervises Student Services & Residency
  • Enrollment Support to Academic and Student Affairs Departments
  • Partial Fee Reduction Program
  • Special Enrollment Programs

Kimberly Bell-Fitch

Student Services Representative

  • Transcripts & Verifications Customer Service
  • Insurance, Scholarships, Cal Grant and Sibling Verifications
  • Common Application
  • Enrollment Support

Danielle Greene

Assistant Residence Deputy

  • Residency Determination for Tuition Purposes
  • Late Fee Waivers

Roger Davids

Student Services Representative

  • Withdrawal Processing
  • Readmissions
  • Non-UC Study Abroad
  • Enrollment Support

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Hannah Morse

Special Enrollment & Training Coordinator

  • Special Enrollment Programs
    • Online Cross-Campus Enrollment
    • Simultaneous Enrollment
    • Intersegmental Cross Enrollment
    • Intercampus Visitors

Curriculum and Scheduling

Sean Woods

​Curriculum and Scheduling Manager

  • Online General Catalog
  • Master Course Approvals (MCA)

Bridget Michaels

​Academic Scheduling Specialist

  • Course Scheduling (Fall, Winter, Spring quarters)
  • Finals Scheduling

Lisa Morrill

Scheduler, Transcripts & Verifications, Notary
(805) 893-3916

  • Transcript & Verification Order Fulfillment
  • Scheduling of One-Time Academic Events
  • Notary Public

Student Systems & Reporting

Luke Lindquist

Luke Lindquist

Associate Registrar

  • Manager for Student Systems & Reporting
  • Functional & Technical Resource for Registrar Information Systems
  • New System Implementations
  • Systems Troubleshooting
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Susan Harris

Assistant Registrar

  • Systems Operations Oversight
  • Production Calendar Management
  • Fee Management
  • Ad Hoc Reports


Systems Analyst & Grading Coordinator

  • eGrades
  • Systems Application Support
  • Student Systems Access (STAR, SREG, AAA, eGrades)
Sarah Kerner

Sarah Kerner

Data Manager

  • Ad Hoc data requests
  • Application Support

Katie Title

Degree Audit & Reporting Analyst

  • Creation & maintenance of degree audits
  • System documentation & training

Enrollment Services Administrative Unit

Leilani Borrego

Leilani Borrego

Director for Budget, Analysis & Administration
Administrative Unit Manager

  • Maintenance/Facilities Requests
  • Computer Network Accounts
  • Staff Hires

Brenda McGowan

Financial Analyst

  • Budget and Financial Operations
  • Vendor Agreements/Contracts

Alina Murillo

Personnel & Financial Analyst

  • Staff Leaves of Absence (FMLA)
  • Personnel Actions Reviewer
Alina Murillo

Gabriella Piazza

Financial Analyst

  • Administrative Support and Purchasing
  • Travel, Meeting and Other Reimbursements
  • Financial & Payment Processing

Kelly Brunner

Payroll & Personnel Assistant

  • Student Hires
  • Personnel Actions Processing
  • Kronos/Timekeeping

Registrar Information Systems

Seth Northrop

Manager of Registrar Information Systems

Nikhil Singh

Software Developer

Ventzislav Tzvetkov

Software Developer

Jason La

Software Developer

Dhruv Shah

Software Developer