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  • eGrades: Interface for Faculty and Staff
  • The eGrades submission deadline is generally the Wednesday following the last day of finals (with exceptions in the cases of some holidays and summer sessions).
  • Winter Quarter: the eGrades submission deadline is generally the Tuesday following the last day of finals.


Undergraduate Degree Clearance
Special Enrollment Programs


AAA, Major Progress Checks, and Exception Workflow

Access to AAA and Exception Workflow: RegAccess

Questions about AAA or Exception Workflow:

  • Academic Advising Assistant (AAA): An online tool providing academic advisor access to undergraduate student academic progress.
  • AAA Overview
  • Exception Workflow: Quick Overview
  • Exception Workflow: In-Depth Guide
  • Here is a helpful video of the Exception Workflow, with examples of petitions and common issues.
    • To view the video, click the link above, select GauchoSpace, and then enter UCSBNetID and password.
    • Under Contents (left-hand column) navigate through the video recording to find relevant information.
    • PowerPoint of this video
  • Exception Workflow Roles:
    • Department Advisor: The Department Advisor role is intended for departments where a staff person would need to be able to enter a petition, but someone else would be responsible for recommending approval of the request. This role will only allow for the creation of petitions associated with major requirements or courses within the role’s department.
    • Department Chair: This role is intended for the individual in the department that is responsible for recommending approval/denial of the petition for the department. This may be the actual Chair of the department or a faculty or staff designate. The person with this role may initiate and render a decision on their own petitions, and they may access the department My Work Queue to render a recommendation for petitions that had been previously initiated by a Department Advisor role and are in an “Awaiting Dept Chair Review” Status.
    • College: This role is intended for advisors within the colleges. Accounts with this role may initiate and approve petitions for General Education or University requirements. They may also access a work queue to view, evaluate and approve or deny petitions approved by a department. Major petitions are assigned to an advisor with a College role based on rules provided by the college. Users in a college role have additional capabilities to assign petitions to other advisors in a College role. Upon approval by this role, most petitions will feed directly into uAchieve. Those that cannot be entered automatically are placed in an “Awaiting Registrar Processing” status.
    • Registrar: This role is assigned to Academic Services staff in the Office of the Registrar. Petitions that cannot be fed directly into uAchieve are placed in an “Awaiting Registrar Processing” status. Only ‘Other’ petitions and ‘Course Equivalency’ petitions with the Credit Adjustment Needed box checked are reviewed by someone in a Registrar role. All other petitions are fed into uAchieve after College Approval with no further review. This role may only process the petition; they may not change the approval status or withdraw the petition.


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