Major Progress Check

Download the PDF "How to read the UCSB Major Progress Check"

Undergraduate students:

A major progress check is an individualized report that shows how completed courses and exams apply towards satisfying University, College (including general education), and major requirements.  It lists all coursework taken at UCSB (including UC EAP) and any courses taken at other institutions for which credit was awarded.  Major progress checks contain information on specific major requirements (including major GPA requirements and major academic residency requirements).

Did you know that you can run a major progress check for any UCSB undergraduate major?  GOLD will default to your declared major, but you can run a check for any major.  Choose the major you’d like to run from the first drop-down.  Choose an available objective (BA, BS, etc.) and emphasis from the second drop-down.  
audit drop down

Did you know that the major progress check will use your in-progress courses towards degree requirements?  Check the “Use in-progress courses in my audit” box to enable this feature.  This is helpful during pass times!  The grade “WIP” will appear for in-progress courses.  
wip text

wip course with clock

Did you know that approved petitions will appear in the major progress check?  A note will appear when a petition has been approved for a course.

Major progress checks do not contain minor requirements; therefore, students need to consult with their minor department advisor when pursuing a minor.

UC Santa Barbara makes every effort to ensure accuracy of all major progress checks.  If you feel there is an error in your major progress check, please contact your major department or college as soon as possible.