Degree Evaluation

Graduate Students:

  • Please refer to the Graduate Division’s website.
  • After receiving the Graduate Division’s degree conferral email, please order an official transcript or verification via GOLD.

Undergraduate students:

  • Students who file for degree candidacy are notified of their degree status via GOLD and U-mail after an initial evaluation of their record is complete. The evaluation includes any work in-progress and occurs after the third week of the quarter and may take up to nine weeks after the quarter has ended.
  • Deficiencies will be noted on the degree evaluation with arrows or red ‘X’s. To view an archived degree evaluation, log into GOLD  and select 'Major and GE Progress Checks' under the Progress tab. It is the responsibility of the student to read any notes provided by the degree analyst.
  • After quarterly grades have been processed, students will be notified of successful completion of their degree requirements or remaining deficiencies via GOLD and U-mail.  This process can take 2-10 weeks after the quarter has ended.
  • Students should check U-mail frequently, even after the degree quarter has ended.  All official communications from the Office of the Registrar regarding graduation will be sent via U-mail (or to the permanent address, for students who have been away from UCSB for more than one year).
  • Students who need to show proof of graduation can order an official transcript or verification via GOLD
  • Students who will not complete all degree requirements by the official ending date of the quarter in which they have declared candidacy, must withdraw their degree candidacy via GOLD.  It is the student's responsibility to re-declare candidacy via GOLD for the quarter in which they will complete all degree requirements.  


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Closure of the Student Record

The student record is closed to changes once a degree has been finalized. Degree finalization typically occurs 6-12 weeks after the end of the quarter in which the degree was awarded.

The student record is closed to revisions in enrollment, grading, and academic actions upon finalization of a degree. Students are responsible for requesting review of their record prior to finalization of their degree.

Changes requested by an individual after finalization of a degree are considered by the Office of the Registrar only under extraordinary circumstances. Supporting documentation is required. 

Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you have any questions.