How to order a replacement diploma

How to place an order:


Start by logging into GOLD as an Alumni/Former Student. 

GOLD landing


If you forgot your Permanent UCSB Student ID (Perm number) click "Lookup Perm" and if you forgot your PIN click "Reset PIN"

GOLD Alumni landing


After you log in, click on "Replacement Diploma"
GOLD Alumni landing-1


Click the button for "Replacement Diploma"
GOLD Alumni replacement diploma

This will take you to the Parchment ordering site. If you have not already registered with Parchment, please fill in your email address, then click "Continue." 
Parchment start here enter email


Next, enter your enrollment information. Then click "Save Account and Continue with Order"

parchment enrollment information




Select the type of document you would like to order.

Screenshot parchment items to order

Screenshot parchment items part 2

Select "I'm sending to myself or another individual," then choose "I'm sending this order to myself."

Screenshot parchment send to myself


If you selected Paper Transcript, Paper Verification, or Replacement Diploma, enter the complete mailing address.
For a Paper Transcript or verification, enter full address – if address is provided from your institution enter it exactly as listed.

Screenshot parchment enter a mail recipient

Fill out your mailing name and address:

• Mailing name is your name (student name)—who we are sending it to.
• You must enter a valid address and click "Continue."




Important Diploma Name Information
Your legal or lived name can be printed on your diploma. When placing your Replacement Diploma Order via GOLD/Parchment, please type your name in the "Exact Diploma Name to be printed" field exactly as you would like it to appear on your diploma, including punctuation. Example: John Sample Name, Jonathan S. Name, J. Sample Name, etc. Orders cannot be refunded or reprinted due to errors made in this field. If you have any questions about how your name will appear on your diploma, email before submitting the order.


Type in your:


Exact Diploma Name to be printed


Click the checkbox to acknowledge that you have read the Important Diploma Name Information (above)


Degree Awarded (example: BA, MS, PhD, etc.)


Graduation Term (example: Spring, Summer, etc.)


Graduation Year


We ask for Degree Awarded (objective) in the event that a student earned more than one degree here—we need to know which one you are requesting the replacement diploma for. 


Then click "Continue."


replacement diploma order details

You can use the “add another item” if you have multiple degrees and need to order replacement for all of your degrees.

“Standard” fee is $50.00; with an additional $25.00 if domestic FedEx mailing or international mailing is requested.