Undergraduate Honors at Graduation

Please visit the UCSB General Catalog for information on Undergraduate Honors at Graduation. 

Honors are awarded to the top 20% of undergraduate students in the following order: The top 2.5 percent receive Highest Honors, the next 6 percent receive High Honors, and the next 11.5 percent receive Honors. The grade-point average thresholds for the honors categories are calculated based on the population of graduates from the preceding academic year. Grade-point averages are not rounded. Effective with graduates Fall 2018 and later, a minimum of 60.0 letter-graded UC units must be completed in order to be eligible for honors. 

For specific grade-point average thresholds for past graduating classes, please visit this website.

Recognition of Honors at commencement ceremonies

The blue and gold fourragère, the braided cord worn over the shoulder of the commencement gown, distinguishes those students who:

  • have achieved Highest Honors (based on the GPA chart below) in the College of Letters and Science and the College of Engineering (must complete 60.0 or more letter-grade UC units), or
  • are qualified for College Honors in the College of Letters and Science by completing 135.0 or more letter-grade UC units with a grade point average of at least 3.85, or
  • have successfully completed the College of Letters and Science Honors Program.

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Class Ranking: The University of California does not rank students at graduation.

Students with questions should contact their College advising office:
     Letters and Science
     Creative Studies