Leaves of Absence

Graduate students

Continuous registration is required of all graduate students. For additional information visit the Graduate Division’s Leave of Absence website or consult the Graduate Division.



Undergraduate students are not required to attend continuously. They may be absent from UCSB for one or more quarters without petition. Prior to returning to UCSB, students must submit a Request for Undergraduate Readmission or Reinstatement (refer to forms  for petition)well in advance of the quarter of return.

Some students may need to petition for withdrawal (refer to forms for petition) prior to their leave if they are:

  • Seeking to leave during a current quarter,
  • Requesting a refund of paid fees for the coming quarter, or
  • Have signed a deferred payment agreement with the Billing Office.

Non-UC Study Abroad

Undergraduates who wish to participate in a non-UC Study Abroad program may be eligible to request leave and retain their enrollment status while studying abroad in a non-UC sponsored program.  Refer to Non-UC Study Abroad for more information.