Non-UC Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

Non-UC Study Abroad FAQ

I plan to study abroad in a non-UC Study Abroad program. How do I determine if the course units I will enroll in will be transferable to UCSB?
How do I request a formal leave while participating in a non-UC study abroad program?
Is there a charge associated with the leave request?
Is there a deadline to request the non-UC study abroad leave?
What is the maximum time limit per leave?
Are there eligibility requirements associated with the leave request?
My non-UC study abroad program requires me to obtain verification of good standing and disciplinary forms. How do I accomplish this?
How do I determine if I am in Good Academic Standing?
Are there other steps that I will need to take to complete the leave process?
Knowing UCSB doesn't pre-approve transfer of credit, what course documents should I bring back to assist in the transfer evaluation process?
Can I continue to defer my loans through the National Student Clearinghouse while participating in a non-UC program?
I plan to study abroad in a country where UC EAP has suspended the program due to safety concerns. I have questions. Who should I talk to?
How will dropped or failed courses affect my UCSB degree requirements and GPA?
I am enrolled in a 3 week summer study abroad program and registered in classes for summer session B. Do I need to do anything when I return?
What if I decide not to go?
If I decide to return early or extend my study abroad program, should I notify UCSB?
I don’t have a passport, so how do I start the process?
What type of immunizations and health issues should I be aware of?