Special Enrollment Programs

Intercampus Visitor Program (ICV)

Intersegmental Cross Enrollment Program (ICE)

Simultaneous Enrollment Program

- UC Online Cross-Campus Enrollment (CCE)

Intercampus Exchange Program for Graduate Students (IEPGS)


Questions on Special Enrollment Programs should be emailed to: SpecialEnrollment@sa.ucsb.edu


Intercampus Visitor Program (ICV)

The Intercampus Visitor (ICV) Program allows qualified undergraduate students to take advantage of educational opportunities at other UC campuses. Students may take courses that are not available at their home campus, participate in special programs, or study with a distinguished faculty member at another campus for one quarter. For more information, section an option:

UCSB Student Applying to Another Campus              UC Student Applying to UCSB


For more information about the ICV Program, send an email to: SpecialEnrollment@sa.ucsb.edu

Note: The Host campus manages the student’s financial aid. Students who receive financial aid must have their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) sent to the host campus by listing the school code on their FAFSA. Students may make this change on the FAFSA website.



Intersegmental Cross Enrollment Program (ICE)

Undergraduate students enrolled in a California Community College or a California State University campus may enroll in a University of California campus without formal admission for a maximum of one course per quarter. Students are charged a per-unit, non-refundable administrative fee that is based on the current California Community College unit rate. Rates are subject to change. For more information about the ICE Program, send an email to: SpecialEnrollment@sa.ucsb.edu.

Qualifications for this program include:

  • Completion of one term at the home campus
  • 6 unit minimum enrollment at home campus
  • 2.0 GPA at home campus, good academic standing
  • Registered/paid at home campus
  • Prerequisite requirements met
  • California resident

Intersegmental Cross Enrollment Application - SBCC students only

Intersegmental Cross Enrollment (ICE) Program - all other California Community College and California State University students


ICE Scholarships

Students interested in becoming a K-12 teacher should consider a course in the CalTeach Minor in Science and Mathematics Education. There are tracks for both prospective elementary teachers and for prospective secondary science and mathematics teachers. While funds are available, students who successfully complete any applicable courses through the ICE program are eligible to have their per-unit course fee reimbursed by the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education. Upon successfully completing the course, students should contact the UCSB CalTeach Program Director at calteach@education.ucsb.edu to receive the CalTeach course fee reimbursement. Eligible courses can be found on the CalTeach website.


Simultaneous Enrollment Program (SE)

Simultaneous Enrollment Application

Before submitting the application make sure to read the information on the second page carefully. UC undergraduate students may enroll, without formal admission and without payment of additional University fees, in courses at another UC campus on a space available basis at the discretion of the appropriate campus authorities on both campuses.

Qualifications for this program include:

  • Completed a minimum of 12 units as a matriculated student at the home campus
  • Enrolled at UCSB in the current term for a minimum of 12 units as a matriculated student
  • Be in good standing
  • Have the appropriate academic preparation as determined by the host campus.
  • Be in paid status by the payment deadline


Application Deadlines:


                   All campuses except Berkeley and Merced                                                Berkeley and Merced Only

Fall Quarter November 1 – April 30 Fall Semester November 1 – April 30

Winter Quarter  July 1 – October 31 Spring Semester July 1 – October 1

Spring Quarter October 1 – January 31


UC Online Cross-Campus Enrollment (CCE)

Students who meet the Simultaneous Enrollment eligibility requirements above may enroll in an online course across the UC system through UC Online. No additional tuition is required; however, some courses may require additional fees such as course materials or proctoring fees.

Grades: The units and grades for the course will automatically transfer to UCSB about three weeks after the end of each quarter. The grade will appear on the UCSB transcript and be factored into the UC GPA.

GE/Major Credit: Refer to the course descriptions that can be found on the UC Online website to see if a course, upon completion, will be applied to UCSB General Education and major requirements.  In some circumstances, a student may need to consult with a department advisor to determine if a UC Online course can be petitioned toward a major requirement.

Drop Process: Students requesting to drop a UC Online course must begin the process through the UC Online website. Review the UC Online Drop Process Powerpoint before enrolling in a UC Online course.

For more information or to enroll in a UC online course, please visit UC Online.


Intercampus Exchange Program for Graduate Students (IEPGS)

If approved for IEPGS, enrolled UCSB graduate students may take classes and use many of the facilities at other UC campuses. Using the IEPGS application process, students seek approval from their home department and the host department at the campus they wish to visit.

Students are limited to taking courses at another UC that are not available at UCSB and are essential to their degree work. Students must have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0 and be in good academic standing.

Approval is granted for one quarter (or semester) at a time but may be renewed. If approved for IEPGS, students must register in a minimum of eight units and pay fees at UCSB to be eligible to register and study at the host campus without additional charge. For further information and IEPGS application, consult the Graduate Division.