UC Students Applying to UCSB

Qualified undergraduate students enrolled at another UC campus may submit an application to attend UCSB's ICV program. Applicants should read all information and follow instructions carefully. 

Important Information:

  • Applicants are approved on a space available basis for one quarter only.
  • Currently UCSB has many impacted majors and courses. ICV students are not allowed to enroll in courses offered by the following departments and should not be listed on the application.
  • Chemistry

    Chemical Engineering

    Computer Science

    Electrical and Computer Engineering




    Molecular, Cellular, Develop. Biology

    Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology

    Political Science



    Environmental Studies


    Global Studies

  • Applicants will be limited to 16 units and should keep this in mind when listing proposed courses on the application.
  • Accepted applicants are eligible to enroll in courses approved by the Host College. Any course substitution must be approved by the Host College prior to enrollment. Enrollment in unapproved course will result in the student being removed from the unapproved course and possibly dismissed from the program at the Host College's request.
  • Once the quarter has closed UCSB will send an official transcript to the student's home campus.


  • ICV applications are available from the home campus Office of the Registrar. Applications will not be accepted past the published filing deadlines.


            All campuses except Berkeley and Merced                        Berkeley and Merced      

Fall Quarter                     November 1 - April 30                       Fall Semester     November 1 - April 30
Winter Quarter                     July 1 - October 31                      Spring Semester        July 1 - October 1

Spring Quarter               October 1 - January 31


  • Review offered courses for the quarter in which enrollment is sought with home campus advisor. Go to https://my.sa.ucsb.edu/public/curriculum/coursesearch.aspx for a complete list of course offerings. List only courses that are not on the impacted list above.
  • Submit application, supporting documents, and the non-refundable application fee to the home campus ICV Coordinator. The Coordinator will submit the complete packet to UCSB along with an official transcript.
  • Once an application packet has been reviewed by the UCSB ICV Coordinator, it may be submitted to the Host College for a decision. If accepted, notification will be sent via email. A prompt reply with a decision will expedite the final application process.
  • Applicants who accept the offer to attend UCSB will receive additional correspondence regarding enrollment instructions and other important information. Completing the enrollment steps in a timely manner will allow for a smooth transition.
    • Enrolled students will be charged UCSB's Tech Fee, which supports instructional technology enhancements via Collaborate services. The fee is $2.50 per unit, capped at 15 Letters & Science course units. The maximum fee per quarter is $37.50. The fee is processed shortly after the final undergraduate drop deadline in the fourth week of each quarter. After that deadline, fee refunds cannot be issued for dropped classes.
  • Monitor enrollment and payment deadlines from the Quarterly Calendar page. ICV students are held to UCSB's academic policies and standards and should refer to the General Catalog for more information.


For more information about the ICV Program, send email to: SpecialEnrollment@sa.ucsb.edu.

Note: The host campus manages the student’s financial aid. If you are a financial aid recipient, you must have your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) sent to the host campus by listing their school code on your FAFSA. You may make this change on the FAFSA website.