Welcome Intercampus Visitor

Steps to Intercampus Visitor Registration

1. Apply to be an Intercampus Visitor

Complete and return your Intercampus Visitor application, including your email address, to your home campus. Upon approval, confirm with your home campus that you are planning to attend UCSB to have your Perm number and PIN information sent to you via e-mail.

2. Apply for Housing (if applicable) 

To find out more about housing opportunities, visit the UCSB Housing & Residential Services website.

3. Apply for Financial Aid (if applicable) 

Have UCSB listed on your FAFSA as a school you will be attending. Then, apply for Financial Aid at UCSB.

4. Prepare for Registration    

Activate your U-Mail account, UCSB's official student email service, to register for your UCSBnetID and Password. Use this to login to GOLD and have access to:

  • Register for classes
  • View grades
  • Review and update Personal Data
  • Check for Registration Blocks
  • Order Transcripts and Verifications
  • View all Quarter Deadlines
  • Receive important messages from UCSB

Visit the Online General Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites. (To view course information for a specific quarter, log into GOLD.)

5.  Register on GOLD

Registration appointments are referred to as “passes” or “pass times”; they indicate when you can register for classes on GOLD. UCSB students typically receive a total of three registration passes, and each has slightly different rules and limits.  

New students receive appointments for Pass 2 and Pass 3 only. Pass 1 is reserved for continuing students. You may view your assigned pass times on the Registration Info page in GOLD using your UCSBnetID and Password. You may also use your Perm and Pin if you have trouble logging in with your login information.

Prerequisites are enforced at registration.

Please be aware of registration deadlines to avoid a $50 late registration fee. These dates are listed on GOLD.

6.  Payment of Fees

Fees must be paid or deferred through the BARC Office  by the fee deadline for each term in order to retain your space in classes. If you are receiving financial aid, please confer with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for further information.

To defer fees, download a Payment Plan agreement form available at the BARC website under “Payment Plan Agreements.” This will allow you to make installment payments and keep your account in good standing.

Failure to meet financial obligations through full payment or enrollment in a payment plan by the fee deadline will result in a $50 Late Payment Fee and/or a lapse in status.

7.  Veterans or Dependents of Veterans

Meet with a Veterans' Services Representative at Veteran & Military Services.

If you want to apply for benefits, supply your Certificate of Eligibility, a completed Veteran’s Benefits Request form (VBRF), and an Academic Advisor Course (AAA) approval form located here: UCSB Veterans Benefits- General Chapter Information