Although there are four possible dates of graduation each year (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer), commencement ceremonies are held only once a year in June.  Students whose names are on the degree list for one of the quarters in the current year and who have completed or who plan to complete all degree requirements are eligible to participate in these ceremonies.

Seniors who wish to participate in commencement must make a reservation using GOLD For information on commencement reservations and deadlines please visit the Event Management & Protocol's Commencement page.  

Commencement Reservations:

  • Seniors in the College of Letters & Science and College of Engineering declaring degree candidacy in 2020 who wish to participate in commencement must make a reservation using GOLD beginning at 9am on February 18, 2020. 
  • Students may only make a commencement reservation for the ceremony associated with their declared major.
  • Students must declare candidacy for their degree in order to make a commencement reservation.
  • Students must have at least 152.0 units completed or in-progress in order to declare candidacy.
  • The last day to make a 2020 commencement reservation is Friday March 20, 2020.  Note: there is only one 'pass time' to make a commencement reservation in 2020. 
  • Graduate students should contact the Graduate Division for information on commencement.  

Making a commencement reservation and receiving an official degree require two separate actions on GOLD.  Undergraduate students must declare candidacy via GOLD to officially graduate and receive a degree and diploma from UCSB.   See Declaring Candidacy for Graduation for more information.  Detailed information on declaring candidacy, commencement, and the entire graduation process can be found in the The Path to Graduation: Undergraduate Student Graduation Checklist


Recognition of Honors at commencement ceremonies

The blue and gold fourragère, the braided cord worn over the shoulder of the commencement gown, distinguishes those students who:

  • have achieved Highest Honors in the College of Letters and Science and the College of Engineering (based on the GPA chart below), or
  • are qualified for College Honors in the College of Letters and Science by completing 135.0 or more letter-grade UC units with a grade point average of at least 3.85, or
  • are in the College of Letters and Science Honors Program and have earned the Academic Excellence Award.

Helpful Links:

  • Cap and Gown information: UCSB Campus Store: (805) 893-2172
  • Announcement information: UCSB Campus Store: (800) 433-0296
  • Link to UCSB General Catalog list of degrees and majors offered at UCSB:
  • Diploma Frames and UCSB merchandise: UCSB Campus Store: (805) 893-8321 
  • Diplomas are not handed out during commencement ceremonies.  Please visit our Diplomas page for more information on when students will receive their diplomas.