Requesting Access to Student Systems


Before being granted access to any student systems (such as AAA, eGrades, STAR, etc.), all staff and faculty members must complete the required online FERPA training.

After the FERPA training has been completed, departments may submit a request in the Request for Access to Student Systems page. Student system access can only be requested by the department administrator (usually the MSO or Business Officer), who has been assigned a department password for this purpose. Please email with any questions.

Staff members responsible for approving access to student systems (Admissions, BARC, Financial Aid, Registrar, etc.) can use the Approver Log-In on the Request for Access to Student Systems page. 

Note to UCSB Staff and Faculty: If there are other resources available through the Office of the Registrar that you feel would be a benefit to your staff or faculty or other UCSB staff or faculty, please send us an email and let us know. Thank you.